About Us

Hi, and welcome. We're Joe and Jenny and by day we write software, sitting at a computer, solving puzzles...

... but come home-time it's a different story. We tinker and scheme, pouring our energies into all things creative, practical and hands-on. Whether slowly transforming our home, sitting quietly with some knitting, or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen, life is full of small (and not so small) projects. Then, when we want to escape, we're likely as not to be found going for a hike in the local hills or enjoying a cup of tea in a National Trust tea-room.

And this is our urban cottage, with stories from the little to the large, the mundane to the downright obscure. We're now living in our second urban cottage, having said a fond goodbye to our first home in 2017, and you'll find accounts of our adventures there in the archives if you care to stay and browse, but for now we hope you enjoy the tales from our slice of Devonshire living.