About Us

Hi I'm Joe and I have a confession: I am a chronic fidget and a twiddler. I tinker and scheme. I occasionally finish big projects too! I grew up with parents who can fix just about anything, from an antique clock to a zip that is stuck. I therefore progressed through my youth with everything from sewing needles to power tools in my hands. I now have my own kitchen to make a mess in, a garden to tame and a whole house to play with - and a blog so I can share some of it with you!

Then there's me, Jenny. I like to play with all sorts of crafts and baking and am quite content to curl up on the sofa on a rainy afternoon with my knitting or a good book. On Sunny days I spend lots of time persuading our hens that they do like cuddles really. 

We also have two chickens who share our lives. Lemon (an Orpington) and Pepper (a Sussex). These girls both have their own very forceful personalities and provide us much amusement and frustration. You can read all about the adventures of our first year as chicken keepers at Bottom of the Pecking Order, and a guide to which hen is which can be found here.

And this is our urban cottage, with stories from the little to the large, the mundane to the downright obscure. We hope you enjoy the tales from our semi-detached slice of suburban living and, if you're feeling adventurous, maybe come visit our quiet, sometimes picturesque, patch of south-east Wales.