Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Photos upon photos upon photos

Its taken quite a while to get all our travelling photos sorted. Helped by constant questions from family and friends of "can we see the photos?" we've made dealing with them a priority, and now have them all pretty much in shape. Not wanting them to languish on our computer like so many of our photos from the last few years we set about making some plans.

Shortly after Christmas we ordered lots of canvas prints in the January sales. These are all photos from the last 18 months, with the majority being from our travels last autumn. We had some problems with the quality of the canvases we were receiving, but all those with problems were speedily replaced and finally we have a complete set. We have converted the end wall of our house into one large photo wall, that's one wall that starts in the kitchen and then runs up the stairs onto the landing. Want to see?

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Clucking Eulogy

Frog died last Sunday, it's been a lonely week without her. She was always uncertain of us, holding back where the others would press right forward for a treat, but she'll be missed all the same.

She was much more agile than the rest. She was the one we'd find sitting on top of the coop, or the wrong side of a fence. She was the one who discovered she could balance on the windowsill and therefore gain access to the forbidden vegetable patch. She was notoriously hard to catch, normally had to be pinned into a corner and even then could often wriggle herself out of trouble! 

We're not sure what happened or what the problem was. All we know is she was fine one day and certainly not the next. She went downhill very quickly and was clearly feeling the cold towards the end. We brought her inside in case warmth would help and tried to encourage her to drink, but she passed away shortly afterwards. 

Goodbye Frog. 

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