Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Clucking Eulogy

Frog died last Sunday, it's been a lonely week without her. She was always uncertain of us, holding back where the others would press right forward for a treat, but she'll be missed all the same.

She was much more agile than the rest. She was the one we'd find sitting on top of the coop, or the wrong side of a fence. She was the one who discovered she could balance on the windowsill and therefore gain access to the forbidden vegetable patch. She was notoriously hard to catch, normally had to be pinned into a corner and even then could often wriggle herself out of trouble! 

We're not sure what happened or what the problem was. All we know is she was fine one day and certainly not the next. She went downhill very quickly and was clearly feeling the cold towards the end. We brought her inside in case warmth would help and tried to encourage her to drink, but she passed away shortly afterwards. 

Goodbye Frog. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear of Frog's passing. I remember you posting the clip of her escaping from the run before and how it made me smile. Sending hugs to you at this sad time.

  2. Oh, sad. She was a lovely bundle of feathers.
    I had a huge scare with a feathered friend of mine last week. My 25 year old African Gray was in obvious distress. I was in a panic and then out of nowhere.....she laid an egg. Her first and hopefully her last. It was a terrible ordeal for us both. It was then that I decided that I could never survive caring for chickens. It certainly takes someone special.

    1. Chickens are much more used to laying eggs which makes it much less traumatic... though they can be quite noisy about it! I'm glad your African Gray is okay :)

  3. sorry to hear about your lovely Frog.....I have enjoyed getting to know her. Huge

  4. So sorry to read this Jenny. Like Jo I remember the windowsill post.


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