Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Knitting for Small People

I'm going through a knitting phase at the moment. I love knitting to unwind of an evening, usually accompanied by whatever our favourite TV show of the season is. I've discovered that I'm most productive if I can find a pattern that's of the right level - simple enough that it can be mostly memorable, but complicated enough to keep my interest - I tend to get bored by line after line of garter stitch!

One of my recent projects was this baby jumper. The seed stitch combined with the shaping required provided a good level of interest and I whizzed through the pattern (comparatively - I'm very slow at finishing a project). Rather than buying buttons specifically for this knit I decided to use some I had lying around - resulting in a rather colourful flourish!

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  1. Cool - I was looking for a baby cardigan pattern the other day because I know so many people expecting babies! But I could only find ones with weird yarn or that were just garter stitch throughout. I'm going to have a go at this one - though mine won't be as neat as yours!


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