Sunday, 8 December 2013

Origami Advent Calendar

I know I'm running a little late in the year for advent calendar explanations as we're already a week into December, but I'm going to do so anyway. We've had a variety of advent calendars over the last few years, some shop bought, others hand made. Last year I made this one, and as it's stood the test of being in the back of the cupboard for eleven months it is getting a second outing.

When I say origami, its actually a fake! As nice as it would be to make these properly, I chose to use paper that was far to thick to bend nicely, and I wanted this to hold its shape through whatever battering it might get! For both these reasons I decided to glue the envelopes together rather than just fold them into position.

To make your own (maybe for next year?!):

1. Cut out 24 squares of paper of different colours and sizes. Mine were 7.5cm, 10cm, 12cm and 18cm - but if I were to do this again I wouldn't go smaller that 10cm. The 7.5cm ones are a little too small.

2. With each square in turn, fold along the diagonal, then take one of the points and fold it back on itself. Open this last fold out again.

3. Fold in the two side points to the line you've just made. Glue these into position.

4. Number the envelopes 1-24. I tried to keep this as random as possible.

5. Trim one of the two points, and punch a hole in the other.

6. Thread all the envelopes onto a ribbon - the thickness of the ribbon and the size of the hole meant mine held through friction (pure luck, let me assure you), you might find you need to tie knots to get yours to hold.

7. Fill with your advent treats of choice and hang somewhere in your home.

Hiding in too dark a corner to capture a 
proper photo of - sorry!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, it was cobbled together for several ideas I found online!

  2. A great idea. I've been lazy and bought Cadbury's, even Archie's got a marrowbone calendar.

    1. This year was fairly lazy for us too - we just got it out of the cupboard and stuffed it with mini dairy milk bars we found at a cadbury outlet store last month :)

  3. Have to say, a little peice of me died inside when you said you used glue :-P but overall a very nice idea... might do something along similar lines myself next year!

    1. I know - I felt a little bad doing so, but my paper was just too thick and was refusing to hold so it had to be done. At the time I thought I needed thick paper for sturdiness, but I think if I made it again I wouldn't be so worried.


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