Sunday, 25 May 2014

Life's a Game 5: Scrabble

This year we're sharing with you our game of the month. These are all favourites from our collection, or ones we play with our friends.

May's game is Scrabble

This months game needs little to no introduction. Scrabble, the popular board game where players take it in turns to construct words from a limited rack of letters and connect them to the words already played. Points are awarded based on the letters used, and multipliers are scattered over the board for higher scores. 

This game can be both immensely satisfying - scoring 40 points through clever letter placement - and rather frustrating - when you have a rack of vowels and your opponent scores 40 points through clever letter placement! All in all though it's a good fun, thought provoking game, that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes playing with words.

All the letter tiles, with their points.
Selecting a letter to see who goes first - my E narrowly beat Joe's F.
Starting to build up words - in this particularly game the board has already rather dense making things tricky.

The final board. Joe narrowly beat me on this occasion - I'll get him next time! 


  1. Now you can't beat a good game of scrabble, even though it's been known to start the odd war!xxx

  2. Scrabble certainly starts a war in my house. Everyone gets a warning to behave prior to starting the game.

    1. So many games can be like this can't they. So much fun to play, but bring out everyones competitive sides too!


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