Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Patchwork Cushion

The stairs in our house seem to have become a natural seat. As they extend by a few steps into the kitchen / dining room people tend to perch a few steps up to join the conversation in the kitchen but stay out the way. We had a lump of foam left from another project so I decided to make a narrow cushion to sit on the stairs. The only fabric that matched the current d├ęcor was the box of denim so out it came. I decided to go a bit patchwork on it...

Sew strips together, 1" between seams. Note the 45 degree lines marked on - this is to aid alignment as this section makes the corner.

Add more strips, trimming and ironing seams as you go.

And more strips...

Corner done. Sew together two wider strips to make the remainder. Attach at 45 degrees to the corner.

Everything lined up and marked ready to sew on the backing. Note the button hole that becomes the hanging loop.

Pin right sides together with the backing fabric. I used a thick calico for this. Don't forget to enclose the hanging loop.

Sew three sides, trim and press. Turn the right way round before inserting the foam, rolling in the bottom seam and sewing shut.


And hanging from the edge of the stairs- the stripes matching the direction of the stairs is sheer luck!


  1. Might have been luck on your part but very well done all the same.


  2. A useful little cushion, I like the idea behind it.

  3. How lovely to have such a pretty little cushion to sit on the stairs. Such a nice

  4. The patchwork pattern is brilliant!


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