Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Loopy Knit

Shortly after we left our WWOOFing hosts for our tour of New Zealand, Joe decided that he was feeling devoid of a project with which to relax. Noticing that I had progressed far enough through my shawl to prove that I didn't need all three of the balls I'd brought with me, he requisitioned one, plus a spare needle and set about finding an appropriate pattern.

He choose a scarf with an interesting lacy panel, comprised of not one, but four yarn overs which are promptly dropped on the next row to create a very open set of stitches. Once the scarf was long enough - and in this case that meant around 100 inches of scarf - he then set about adding tassels to both the ends of the scarf and along the length of the body for a sheekishly scruffy look. 

It still needs a block which will probably wait for when we get home, but otherwise it's all finished; a nice little travelling project.


  1. two must be the only people to construct thing while travelling! I do love the scarf, really


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