Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Meanwhile, in Knitting News

The bathroom has been all consuming of late, but I've been trying to find time each day to put a few more stitches on my Big Cables and Little Ones Too jumper as well.

I've now separated the body and the sleeves and having less stitches to deal with is giving me the illusion of speeding up. I know I have to go back and deal with the other stitches later but I'm content with the fantasy for now.

Having finished the garter stitch yoke has actually sped things up though. Try as I might my purl stitch is still definitely slower than my knit and round after round of stocking stitch is now flowing rather nicely.

All the cables have now "disappeared" so its simply knit knit knit for the time being which is just right at the end of a busy day.


  1. That is a brilliant pattern. The purple is making me sooooo happy.....

  2. Lovely. It's nice to have a pattern but a bit of mindless knitting once in a while is good too, especially at the end of a long day.


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