Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Catch Up, Anniversary Edition

Hello! It seems we hit a bit of a blogging burnout back there. There was a tangible sense of freedom in making the decision to put it down for a while, to not have to make sure that we had photos of all the things we were up to. We just wanted to get on with life and the pressure to document had become just that, a pressure.

Almost 1 year later, and conveniently 3 years since our first post and I've found myself wanting to write again, planning posts in my head. So, here are a few photos we've taken in our absence while I wonder what to write about first...

[Southwest Coast Path, North Devon; Birdwatching at Hardwick Old Hall; 
The gardens at Hardwick Hall; London Nightscape; Selfie at the British Museum]


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