Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A sharp point

2013 for me has so far been the year of the scalpel. That's not as scary as it sounds, honest! I asked for a craft knife for Christmas last year without any real idea what I would use it for, but aware that often when making cards I've struggled to implement what I planned with a pair of scissors. Joe bought me a scalpel with a retractable blade.

I don't think either of us could have foreseen the extent to which I would enjoy using this tool. I have rapidly become enamoured with the art of paper cutting. Have a quick pop over to google to see what I'm talking about. I'm amazed by some of the intricate work that is produced. Some of it's laser cut - but a lot is done by hand, and it often blows my mind a little. I love shape and pattern and this plays right into that.

After making a few birthday cards I started to wonder about larger pieces, and started with this butterfly.

When we were on holiday last year Joe took some lovely pictures of a butterfly which provided great reference material. I spent a while working out how best to represent the beautiful wings with their bright patterns and delicate veins but feel that the final result doesn't quite do them justice. I find butterflies fascinating though - so no doubt I will try again at some point.


  1. Wow - that looks amazing! I love paper cutting - one of my favourite medium (to look at). You and Jo B will have to swap notes!

    1. Thanks, I'm loving having a play with it. I enjoy sketching out a picture and then gradually working out which bits to remove, or not, to leave behind a continuous picture - theres something very logical about it all :)


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