Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Our Garden - An Introduction

We've lived in our current house for about a year, and so the garden is a complete mix of plants and structure from previous owners and things we've added and changed. 

Here's a quick tour of how our garden currently looks:

Vegetable plots

This is completely our work, and has been the focus of our efforts since we moved in. When we arrived this area was overgrown with knee high grass and weeds. We've set it up with four basic beds for flowering bulbs and vegetables. 

Lawn with low wall edge
A large part of the garden is taken up by an almost ovular lawn, defined by a brick wall that has seen better days.


Beyond the lawn, in the far corner of the garden, is a small pond. We haven't decided what we want to do with this area yet - but in the mean time it turns out the local frogs are very keen on it and we currently have a lot of tadpoles!


Next to the pond we've created an enclosed area for our four hens.


The patio has become a bit of a dumping ground while we work on other areas. Hopefully it won't always look like this!

Fruit Trees

When we moved in there were three fruit trees in the garden: a plum, an apple and a pear. We've since added three more apples and a cherry - but it'll be a few years before we get any fruit off these new trees.

...and that's about it. 


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