Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Garden Update

Linking up with Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day for the first time, though I'm afraid this post is rather lacking in flowers! 

A steady trickle of things have been going on in the garden. None of them seem big enough to write about in their own right but I thought it was high time to bring everyone up to speed on what has been happening. The biggest changes have been happening on opposite sides of the garden as one big project.

As we built our chicken run we discovered a large area of hardcore. This isn't great for the chickens - there isn't much to scratch around in it for! We decided it needed to come out. Excellent, thought I, free hardcore to use as a basis for paths. Over in the vegetable plot the grassy paths between the beds have been awaiting the moment of their demise. Being a bit shy on good topsoil I decided not to waste it by burying it so have saved it for later use - I left the chickens guarding it (nicely tilling it and fishing out any weeds)! I intend to dig it out later for use where it matters and refill the space with a lot of wood chippings.

Chicken run with hardcore in bottom half of the picture.

Vegetable plot (much earlier in the year) with grassy paths.
Soil comes out, hardcore goes in.

The chickens working over the spoil heap in their improved run.

Nice solid paths in the vegetable garden.

In order to try and give our vegetables the best start we've chicken proofed that area of the garden. Unfortunately our two bantams are too nifty for us. This time it was Frog who'd found a gap in the fence and we caught her several times strolling around our potatoes and onions. Time for reinforcements!

Re-enforced chicken fence. 
Here are a few of the smaller things that have been going on in our garden (mostly unaided):

Our tower of sweet peas - still going strong!

Courgettes doing what courgettes do - sneakily growing under a mass of leaves.

Cabbages looking more like Swiss cheese. There have been a lot of cabbage white butterflies around the garden...

Our new rhubarb plant seems to be taking.
Our apples are growing big and juicy.

Our holiday gift to ourselves - one bay tree. There are already double the number of leaves on it!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message, nice to meet new people. Your sweet peas are doing really well. I'm envious!

    1. Sweet peas are one of the big successes of our garden this year, we'll definitely be repeating them. Thanks :)

  2. Don't worry if there are not much flowers, the chickens are ornamentalish enough, haha! I guess in your part of the world flowers come with seasons, so that is all right. It is different in our case, because our annuals also behave like perennials because we don't have winter. Thanks for joining.

    1. Thanks for stopping in. It must be nice to live somewhere with no winter! Flowers are very much seasonal here - unfortunately we're mid summmer so there's no excuse at all. The garden is still very much under construction though, so plenty of time to get things going :)

  3. Oh, I envy you having chickens. They can be destructive though... :(
    Your garden will be lovely when it's done, it looks well planned!

    1. Thanks, we do have to keep a close eye on them. I imagine your ducks are much less trouble ;)

  4. Hello Jenny and Joe, Thanks for introducing your blog over on mine, it's nice to meet you! I love your twiggy defences - I may well take a leaf out of your book and adapt this to fox proof my veg patch! Hope you've given your rhubarb a nice big space to grow into - I planted out one that I grew from seed last year and it's now enormous! Hoping that I can successfully relocate it somewhere ... !

  5. You may need something a little taller for foxes, but it may act as a deterrent even if not completely fox proof. The chickens are stupid creatures really - they're all perfectly capable of flying over our fence, but none of them have thought to do so!


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