Sunday, 11 August 2013

Patchwork Quilt: 2. So what's the plan?

We've mentioned a couple of times recently that we've been putting some effort into making a patchwork quilt. A rather large quilt at that. So what's the plan?

We're working on a quilt to sit on our king-sized bed. We've a whole mish-mash of fabric that follows a broad colour theme (it might almost be a rainbow - but its a specific rainbow!). The design is still rather sketchy, based on five different two-stranded celtic knots of various complexities.There's been some progress in the last couple of weeks, let me show you where we've got to so far.

We've made five squares of this Tangled Star design:

And we've started work on this block, which is our own design. So far we've completed one square and partially made a further two:

We're also working on the patterns for the other three knots. We've been struggling to find suitable patchwork patterns for this and fancied the challenge of designing them ourselves. Finding knots that have two strands, work in a square (rather than a triangle), and are pretty yet simple is proving complex, but with the help of Quilt Assistant it's proved to be a fairly straight forward job making patchwork patterns out of our designs once we've got that far.

Our overall aim is to have five blocks across, and six deep, plus borders and edging and all those other things. We've a long way to go yet, but this is definitely one project we wouldn't have started if we didn't enjoy the process!


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