Sunday, 23 March 2014

How To... Re pot an orchid

We got an orchid as a thank you present many months ago. As it had gone to the effort of putting up another flower spike I decided we should re pot it. It's really easy so I thought I would show you just how simple it is. So, unlike my usual instructions, how to re pot an orchid in 4 pictures and less than 50 words:

Soak, then rinse / pick off the existing compost.

Pour in orchid compost around the roots (in a clear pot).

Poke the compost down between all the roots - you need to get a finger dirty sometimes!

Secure the flower spikes with sticks. Water and enjoy.


  1. Neat job! You should get plenty more flowers

    1. Hopefully :) It was very exciting when we spotted the new flower spike - it showed it was a happy plant.


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