Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fruit of the Garden - June's Harvest

This is hopefully to be the first post of many. We decided that the best way of keeping up with the garden over the summer is to post pictures of our harvest. As we had a long winter this year (and didn't plant any spring crops in the autumn) the first produce is only just coming in, eggs aside. Our potatoes are almost ready and our salad crop is coming on nicely. The tomatoes (in the conservatory) are flowering and 4 feet tall and we have a few flowers blooming away quietly. I shall try and include some of the flowers in here too even if they are not part of the traditional harvest.

Wooden bowl full of mixed salad leaves
Thinning out the salad crop - it would be a shame not to eat it!

A purple allium opening into bloom
Our alliums have been with us all month, blossoming quietly outside the window.
A vase of pink and purple sweet peas
The sweet peas have just opened this weekend.

Pink, bell shaped flowers.
We don't know what these are but they needed pruning and look pretty!

Linking in with The Impatient Gardener and Veg Plotting this week - everyone's enjoying their gardens it seems!


  1. Lovely salad leaves!
    Pretty flowers, too!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Thanks for dropping in. It's great to start to get something out of the effort to tame our garden over the last year. I'm very much looking forward to all the fresh salad over the next few months :)


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