Sunday, 22 September 2013

Confessions of a Tea Addict

Dear Reader,

We're not sure how to tell you this. We don't really know how to begin. It's come on so gradually. First it was just some English Breakfast, loose leaf. The teapot and the strainer, a favourite mug. We just couldn't help ourselves. We went and found a second type and a third. It wasn't just about the drink, but the collection, oh the collection. Comparing the leaf size, the length of brew. We found glass jars for storing them in, labelled them neatly and stacked them high. Okay, so the jars didn't stack, all the more time to be spent gently balancing them, loving them.

We were diverted by green teas, intrigued by flavoured teas, fascinated by the subtle differences between Earl Grey and his Lady. More and more the assortment grew. Assam, Kenyan, Ceylon. Oolong, Lapsang, Gunpowder. More and more, we just had to have more.

But it's gotten so bad, we didn't notice it at first. The cupboard is full and the time to enjoy them so limited. Weeks pass and we forget all the goodies that await if we dig just a little below the surface. The old favourites are fine, assured a place in our lives, but the others? Neglected, ignored, wasting away. Its time for a change.

Friends, we hope you don't mind if we show you our collection. Tell you about it. It needs a good airing, a dust if you will. Its time for a change.

Joe and Jenny

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  1. We're not tea drinkers, I have an occasional cup of tea but no one else in the family drinks it. Hubby has a coffee on a morning and me and my son have an occasional hot chocolate and that's the extent of our hot drinks intake.

    1. I'm not really a coffee drinker, but Joe enjoys a good coffee, and we both like hot chocolate too - particularly on wet miserable days. We're hot drink enthusiasts :)


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