Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer Knits: 3. A Long Weekend of Progress

We spent a very relaxed bank holiday weekend camping in the New Forest. There were barbecues, sunsets, coffee shops, large quantities of tea, cooked breakfasts, plenty of the infamous ponies and naturally lots of knitting done.

New Forest Pony

Since we've both made quite a bit of headway with our respective projects we thought it might be time to share an update on the knits we started in June. Jenny has had row after row of stocking stitch to muddle through - but she's finally reached the interesting bit where the lacy pattern starts and the fun begins. Meanwhile, Joe has been beavering away at the yoke part of his cardigan and has almost reached the shaping of the sleeves.

Working from the neckline towards the sleeves. Almost there.

Diamond upon diamonds...

Lots of length added since you last saw it, hopefully in the right size this time!
Finally starting the lacy pattern.

How did you spend your long weekend?

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  1. I can't wait to see these finished!
    As for my weekend, so far I have spent most of it with my needles in my hand. I have three projects getting close to being finished and that always creates a knitting frenzy.

    1. I may only be half way through this project - but I'm already starting to knit every free minute. Its so satisfying seeing quick progress isn't it :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, that extra day really does make a difference. I love the Yarn colour that Joe's using.

    1. It's lovely isn't it - and so soft! We bought a bag on ebay earlier in the year, and I made a baby jumper with it then - we'll hopefully have enough left to do a third project with it too :)


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