Friday, 6 September 2013

Photo Friday - Ober Heath at Dusk

There are two challenges I battled with today's photo Friday. Firstly, how wide can you go. I have always been fascinated by panoramic photos as a way to capture a landscape ever since my parents had one from our regular camping slot - 5 4x6 photos stuck together with book mending tape. This particular photo contains 18 separate images brought together (I use autostitch as a free tool) to give the image.

The second challenge is how slow can you go. These images were at f22 and took 25 seconds per shot. This took so long to catch the set that dusk faded as the panorama progressed, from sun recently set on the left to almost complete dark on the right. I apologise if you can't get the full impact of this image on your screen. I can't!

Click on the photo to see a slightly larger version


  1. That's an amazing image! Well done.

    1. Thanks. I almost had a complete failure as I had set it up for the right light at the start without thinking about how long it would take! Thankfully raw files can brighten up a bit (all the pictures were treated the same, the gradient is 100% natural).


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