Sunday, 24 November 2013

Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

We enjoy watching the birds out the window so it will be no surprise to find out we have two bird feeders. Every so often they need fully dismantling and cleaning. Its a quick job once you have done it a couple of times so I thought I would show you how easy it is to do (this one is a 15 inch Droll Yankee feeder - like this one).

Step 1: Realise your feeder needs cleaning. If the seed is growing that is a pretty good clue.

Step 2: Shake out any loose seed.

Step 3: Remove the lid. Slide the lid to the end of the wire loops and gently unhook the wire loops from the holes on the tube.

Step 4: Take a screwdriver (PZ1 for the technically minded amongst you, a small + head for everyone else) and undo the bolt. Be careful not to drop the nut into the remaining seed.

Step 5: lift the feeding holes off the tube.

On this feeder removing the bottom feeding holes also releases the base - the peg below the hole that stops it spinning pins the bottom in place.

Step 6: Carefully remove the bottom and shake out the remaining seeds.

You should now have a pile of bits:

And a pot of dirty seed:

Step 7: Wash up the parts (unclogging the drainage holes in the bottom), leave to dry and then reverse the instructions.


  1. I almost want one to grow seed in on purpose now I've seen it growing out the sides! Could be an interesting alternative to a pot!

    1. A strawberry pot crossed with a hanging basket!

  2. I wish it was only tuppence a bag, the birds cost me a fortune. I think I've got about eight feeders and two suet block holders. There's some very fat birds around here.

    1. At least in our garden the fattest birds lay us eggs!


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