Wednesday, 8 January 2014

December's unseen crafts

While we were absent we tried not to be idle. Christmas for us was a wonderful mix of busy family moments, and quiet corners in which to sit and craft. Joe found time to get his spinning wheel out for the first time in several months.

This wool was bought at Christmas last year as pre-dyed tops. Joe has been slowly blending and spinning it in occasional free moments all year. He doesn't yet know what project this is destined for, but is pleased with how is has turned out. 

Meanwhile I've finally made a hat out of the alpaca wool I excitedly brought back from Scotland earlier in the year.

I decided to follow this simple pattern, which gives a good texture to the hat, while being quick (and not too dull) to knit.

 Finally, last month I was keeping quiet about the Christmas present I was making for my sister. This is Hoot, from Jane Hissey's Old Bear stories. The yarn was incredibly soft so when it came to it this one was rather hard to give away!

What did you get upto over Christmas?


  1. Well, they're all so lovely, but Hoot has to be my favourite. I loved the Old Bear stories when my two were little, in fact, Eleanor's got a small collection of ornaments from the series.

    1. Thanks, Old Bear is still a firm favourite with us!

  2. I love the fact you have a working spinning wheel, I saw one last year at an auction but it cost a fortune. I love the yarn, and the little hat, but the bear is a total work of

    1. Thanks for you comments. I'm so pleased with the stuffed toy as I'd not done something like that before - trying to match a character rather than following a pattern. Joe's spinning wheel was bought new a few years ago, and is fairly compact compared to what I would think of as a traditional wheel.


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