Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Paperwhite Experiment Part 2: The Waiting Game

Back in November I planted some paperwhites that I had attempted to force into blooming for Christmas. I was a little late in getting them planted but I think it is about time for an update:

Paperwhite watch day 73. Still no sign of a flower bud.

Unless something changes I think this experiment will have to go to the archives of the journal of negative results. The bulbs have given us some extra greenery over the festive period but no flowers! I won't throw them in the compost just yet - who knows what they might do.

P.s. As some of you may have noticed we have not done any Photo Fridays this month. We have decided to take a brief sojourn from these until the weather and daylight improves enough for us to get reasonable photos. Being in the office dawn until dusk limits the times we can be out with a camera! Sorry for compounding any winter blues, we will be back to normal soon.


  1. Oh what a shame the bulbs have come up blind.....still as you say it may be early days!xxx

    1. Cheers, at least they've been pretty and green on the windowsill.


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