Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Bedroom Makeover 5. Labels

It's been a couple of months and our new guest room has been tested by a few people with great success. Meanwhile we've been working away at one of the final details that's taken a fair bit of effort.

When we made our final decision to go with boxes full of stuff rather than shutting it away in cupboards one of the things that swung us was the scope for a bit of creativity. We bought boxes of many different colours and sizes and tried to create a collage of shapes and patterns as we positioned them. To finish it all off we've been making labels for each box.

They're all based around the same design element - papercut descriptions of what each box contains. These have taken weeks of doing a few every now and then. I created myself a set of letters to trace to keep things uniform, and utilised my tablet as a backlight to help with tracing before carefully cutting each one out.

Once they were all done the real fun began - to personalise each label with the items in it's box, before laminating them all up. Here's some of them, with  more to follow. Sorry, the lamination has made photo taking hard.


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