Sunday, 15 February 2015

Refitting the Bathroom 2. Painting and Tiling

Last weekend we rather excitedly made a start to our bathroom project. We've had to work out a fairly careful schedule that meant it was basically a functional bathroom for the majority of the build, and with that in mind this week we have:

... emptied the room of all the fixtures and fittings including the heated towel rail we had fitted a couple of years back. This is about the only thing we're hoping to reuse at the end of the project.

... removed all the tiles. We did this one in stages so that the bath/shower area was protected for as long as possible. By the end of Friday though we'd stripped them all out. Unfortunately some of the plaster board couldn't stand the abuse of yet another round of tile removal (we think we might be the third or fourth to attempt this) and we'll need to re-plaster this area before we put in the new bath or start tiling.

... painted the walls. The areas that wanted painting are, unsurprisingly, not overly close to all the plumbing work so we got this done last Sunday. The walls are now "green blue" which is a minty green colour, and hopefully once we've fitted the cupboards and new tiles we should have a nice neat painted edge.

... painted the gloss work. For the same reasons as above we got this one done early, we just need to be careful maneuvering the baths in and out!

So at the end of the week our bathroom was still all in place (sink aside), but ready for a long weekend to break the back of the task. Hopefully by the time we're back at work on Wednesday we'll have the new toilet and bath all fitted and maybe some tiles up too. That's plan A anyway....


  1. I have never seen a towel warmer before. I wish I had one!

    1. Do you have hot water based heating or hot air? I was surprised to discover hot air all round the world when we were on our travels! Because we almost never have domestic air con we have combined hot / cold air systems are very rare. I'm sure you would be able to find an electric version if you are on air heating - you get both over here.

  2. I look forward to seeing it finished. xxx

    1. Thanks Snowbird, I'm looking forward to that too!


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