Sunday, 1 February 2015

Should keep me out of mischief...

I have great hopes that this will be the Year of the Jumper. Joe has a project plan up his sleeve which we'll hopefully let you know about in due course; meanwhile I've started on my third ever hand knit jumper (first and second) and I'm really happy with how its going.

There's the soft, purple, wool that's proving really nice to work with. This is Sirdar Snuggly DK and was a christmas present.

It's a pattern that requires some concentration but not too much. I've gone for Baby Cables and Little Ones Too for this project, and at the moment I'm working through the garter stitch yoke with the cables in various shapes and sizes. I'm hoping the endless rounds of stocking stitch that I know are coming up will provide great knitting for when I don't want to have to concentrate at all too.

Finally it's my first top down sweater meaning I can try it on and get excited about progress probably more often than is strictly necessary. Unfortunately I'm finding the size of the needle restricts trying it on properly without transferring it onto waste yarn, but that doesn't stop me trying!


  1. I love top down sweaters. Of all my handknits they are the ones I wear most because they fit and are so comfy. I never have any luck with cardigans.

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping for the same with this one. Fingers crossed ;)


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