Sunday, 22 June 2014

Life's a Game 6: Maindealer

This year we're sharing with you our game of the month. These are all favourites from our collection, or ones we play with our friends.

June's game is Maindealer.

This month we come to another of our charity shop finds with a game that's copyrighted 1987. Maindealer is a classic board game in style. Players set out to buy cars which they can then sell for a profit with the aim of having the most money at the end of the game.

The cars themselves vary wildly from the cheapest Russian car at £1000 to the most expensive German at £13000. One of the best ways to accrue cash is to collect cars originating in the same country and then starting yourself a dealership. We find that people naturally gravitate towards either collecting lots of cheap cars or relying on a small collection of expensive ones to earn them their winnings - both can be successful if lucks on your side.

On of the things we love about this game are the little details, both in the board itself and the cards that fate can toss you.

"Everyones" favourite square.
Why, thank you very much!

A double whammy here of a vintage looking "new" computer and the mate who is merely "away"!

Punter cards can cover all aspects of life...

... while Dealer cards mostly get you to sell cars with varying amount of profit.

One of the downsides of this game is its length. It can take a while to get going and start your collection, but once it gains momentum things start to get more exciting. Not a game to be played in a hurry but one we've had lots of fun with on wet miserable days! If you can find yourself a copy we'd recommend giving it a go.  


  1. Goodness, this one looks complicated, you'd have to be sober to play it I

    1. As with a lot of games, it takes longer to explain than it does to get the hang of it once you've started. Being sober probably does help though ;)


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